How to light up 2 LEDS with M5451?

Hi everyone! I just received two M5451s and i loaded up G. Andrew Stones code to try and light up 2 leds with no results.

I've tried shortening his code for the bare essentials but I get error codes.

I have bare connections of the following:

Pin 1 to grnd pin 20 to 5 V Pin 21 to 11 pin 22 to 12

And yes, I changed his code for the data and clock pins and still nothing. I also used his original suggestions for using pins 2, and 3 but nothing out.

I already managed to get the 74HC595 to work and thought these were similar, altho the clocked in data must be a byte instead of 8 bits, perhaps I could use that code and just remove the latch lines, and shiftout two 8 bit codes?

As you can see I'm spinning my wheels. Any help greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance, Bryan