How to log data from sensor sending UART via USB

Hi eveyone,

first thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this. I am brand new to this type of projects, but I have a clear idea of what my end result is.

Here it is. I have Marvelmind indoor position sensors (miniRX) that send its data through its miniUSB connector. The sensor is activated and parameterized wirelessly and has its own power so I don't have to worry about this. To get all the information that it processes, I need to log what is beeing sent through its USB. I have achieved this with a Raspberry Pi3 but I need my "logging unit" to have the smallest footprint, have its own power, etc. Comes in the Arduino.

So my goal is to have a battery powered Arduino taking in the data from a usb connected device and store that data onto (I am thinking SD Card). I don't need to have access to the data as it is being recorded. I could very well take the SD Card out after a period of time to retrieve the data and empty the card. I was thinking of something like Arduino Nano + SD Card Logger + LiPo Battery. But then comes in the USB connection to the sensor...

I have Google this and looked through the different forums but I can't quite get an idea on the best way to achieve this. Most sensors used in Arduino projects are not connected through a USB wire...

I don't know if it could be helpful but Marvelmind has several code examples to connect their other sensors to Arduinos, one of which is:
Arduino sample code - UART Interface

What would you recommand as far as components to achieve this?

Thank you again

Most sensors used in Arduino projects are not connected through a USB wire...

Because an Arduino usually doesn't have a USB host interface. So you need a USB Host Shield to connect your "sensor" to the Arduino. As this shield has the size of an Arduino UNO you don't get a saving in size over the Raspberry Pi. I also doubt that a battery based solution will live long enough for your task but that depends on the current usage of your sensor (which you failed to provide a link to!).

So my recommendation is clear: use the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for the quick reply.

For completion's sake:

Recording sessions would be between 1h and 1h30.

And here's the link to the sensor:

I'll look into the Raspberry Pi solution and see if I can make it work with all my constraints.