How to Log my serial data to PLX-DAQ

I am trying to log my temperature sensor (LM35) values to Excel sheet through PLX-DAQ.
But I couldn’t log my data. Since I am new to this topic I need a help in this. Please help me.

I can view the values in Serial Monitoring but I couldn’t get that in PLX-DAQ.

I have attached the screen, that showing connected but there is no logged datas.

my code is here:

const int sensor = A1; // Assigning analog pin A1 to variable ‘sensor’
float tempc; //variable to store temperature in degree Celsius
float tempf; //variable to store temperature in Fahreinheit
float vout; //temporary variable to hold sensor reading
void setup()
pinMode(sensor, INPUT); // Configuring pin A1 as input
void loop()
vout = analogRead(sensor);
vout = (vout * 500) / 1023;
tempc = vout; // Storing value in Degree Celsius
tempf = (vout * 1. 8) + 32; // Converting to Fahrenheit
Serial.print(“in DegreeC=”);
Serial.print(“in Fahrenheit=”);
delay(1000); //Delay of 1 second for ease of viewing

You obviously have not read and followed the instructions on how to use PLX-DAQ. It logs only very specific types of serial communications. Also, if you are using a version of Excel later than 2003, you need to use the latest version of PLX-DAQ.

If you just want to send serial output to a log file, use a logging terminal program like TeraTerm or Putty.