How to make a blinking LED without Arduiono ?

Hi guys, Sorry for a newbie question, but what's the simplest way to make an LED blink at with a certain speed ( say, 100 ms on / 400 ms off ) without arduino or anything that needs to be programmed? I heard where where some "blinking chip" for that, where you could set the blink rate by attaching different resistors, right?

Thanks! :)

555 timer

You could wave your hand in front of it 8)

If you want something electronic, then a 555 timer and some Rs & Cs would do it.

Astable Operation.

got it, thanks! :)

Even easier:

Here you go but, this IS an arduino forum... :)

Go to your local "DollarTree" store and look for the blinking clip on LED gizmos for kids.

How to make a blinking LED without Arduiono ?

If you blink your eyes, the LED becomes dark.

Cannot be simpler than that.

you could make a multivibrator circuit using a few resistors and a couple of caps.... a 555 or an arduino ..