How to make a fully automatic arduino incubator [TUTORIAL]

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Hiya! a few months back a thread just like this helped me out in making my own incubator so today i want to give back to the community in my own small way. i haven't learned much but i have spent enough time on this project that i feel like i'm qualified to be posting tutorials.

The problem with that thread was that the OP was not online and never replied to any problems or difficulties people were facing. Plus his code was made for himself only which means that there was not enough explanation for a newbie like me who had never programmed before.

I am currently in the journey of making this series named 'how to make your own incubator with arduino for complete beginners' on youtube. and i felt like people do more google search than youtube search...which is why im trying my best to propagate this topic enough so that people will be able to find it when they need it...

I will be posting frequently in here when i find a bug or an improvement for the project.... problem with making a repository is that many newbies don't know how to use it. and they just give up. i will add a repository link but this will act like my main repository.

Answer to your questions and details about the project :slight_smile:

So here's the part 1 of the series, in which i introduce the project and show the final project in the first few minutes. i also tell my plans for the series and how it will go on.
how to make your own incubator with arduino part 1

The full code is completely tested with a few extra functions (you might find bugs in the hatchday function...i am working on that hopefully can resolve soon..this is extra you can just ommit it if you want a working incubator)

The CODE: click here for the full code in pastebin

This is not anything special just a few main functions which are,
1-controlling and displaying to the LCD and menu management,
2-controlling the automatic turner and turning automatically after a certain interval of your choice.
3-then of course there is maintaining of the temp and humidity.

Most newbies find it hard to code the automatic turning. so i have pasted it separately as well.
Click here for automatic turner code

GIT-HUB repository

the hatchday function bug is now fixed and its working perfectly. note that when you count the future date it counts one day ahead for some reason. so if you want to calculate a date, subtract one day from it and put it inside the timespan function which will give you the exact date.

Video part 2 of the incubator series is out where i explain the basics of transistors and how to use it in a circuit as a switch... i also talk about the connectors that we are going to be using in the project... click on this Link to watch in youtube

I will add more info later as time passes by...

I will need your help in making this thread great. give me any suggestions you might have. any improvements in the code, youtube video or this thread. i welcome criticism. but be careful im a softie so you will be able to make me cry easily XD

I am not getting any money for this nor am i looking for it. this is to show gratitude to all those hundreds of people who helped me out without asking for money. i want to continue this legacy and hopefully someday a beginner who chooses to follow this tutorial might do the same...

Im thinking about making an h-bridge circuit in the next video…if there are any suggestions ill gladly incorporate it in my next video.