How to make a hi temp sensor with LED lights

I am a total newbie and have never done anything with Arduino, but I have a project that I think it might work for.

I have a large commercial BBQ smoker, that use three wood pellet firepots for a heat source.

I need to ensure that three firepots ignite when I start the smoker. The challenge is that I cannot (easily) see the flame or the firepots.

I am looking to mount a sensor to each firepot, and I hope that I can use two LED lights to signal if they are lit or not. Basically if the temp is too low, a red LED light would be on, if the temp is above a certain level, the light is green.

Once the firepots are lit, they never go out, so I just need to ensure that they are lit on the startup.

Any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you


Hi, you need a flame sensor , google ' flame sensor arduino' there are some products, you may need to enclose them in a protective box.

Tom... :slight_smile: