How to make all sketch files open by default?

When I load a project, only one *.ino is opened, the tabs row is empty all the way to the right where the (to me) pointless file droplist is.

Now I have the dubious pleasure of opening droplist, and clicking one at a time, till I have all that I need. 10 files ? - 20 clicks... all could have been opened on load - zero clicks.

So, how can I make IDE 2.0 open all files in a project by default? :slight_smile:

Hi @AndreK. This is a bug:

The Arduino IDE is supposed to always open all source files of the sketch in tabs.

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Thank you - that explains it ... I could not imagine how the devs that adapted the IDE could intend this - so I searched for a setting - ignoring the possibility of a bug :slight_smile:

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