How to make an automatic tuner?

Hello everyone !! Please allow me to introduce my self I'm sonacx I have to make for my school a working project and I chose an automatic guitare tuner.

The board I thought I could use to make the tuner possible was the arduino card.

I would like to know what material would I have to use, their connection and how do I program the card.

The tuner must tune the guitare cord to 82hz

For the project I think I need

-an Arduino card

-a microphone

I have absolutely no Idea of how must I program the board. I am a beginner.

I think I could use an algorithm like this one

1-record guitar frequency

2-compare the guitare frequency to 82hz

3.a- If the frequence is lower turn the moter to the left 3.b- If the frequence is higher turn the moter to the right 3.c- If equal end the program

4-record again

5- return to the step 2

Thanks for your help !!

Try here