How to make an Bluetooth app for Arduino Hc-05 using android studio

Hi everyone!,
I am actually trying to make an app on android studio that sends letters as characters or even strings to send it to Arduino so I could make my robot. If someone can help me...Please help me out.

This is an Arduino forum dealing with the Arduino IDE and compatible boards. While there may be someone here that can answer your question, I think that you would get faster help on an Android forum.

You probably have two problems - one in Android, and the other in Arduino. The latter can be fixed by using a standard Bluetooth terminal in the former. Once you have that sorted, you can then start on the Android stuff.

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Thankyou so much for the reply. never knew about that forum

I actually have no problems with my Arduino or the BLE module. I actually wanted to make a Bluetooth Terminal as I recently learned Android Studio and I wanted to work on something advanced and had the doubt for a long time. But thankfully figured things out that we only send it as bytes. Thankyou so much for the reply and the help.

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