How to make an electronic wristband

HI everyone! I'm new here. I just want to ask, how do you make an electronic wristband with LED screen(if ever) or just LED lights only(no screen) what will I use in order to make such a thing? please help me, I really need info's from you. I'm an IT and not an electronics engineer so please help me.. I need the names of the arduino components to build the electronic wristband. thank you in advance. I hope that you all can help me with my project.

What do you want it to do?

I want it to notify me for incoming/missed calls, received text messages and social network updates. and a heartbeat scanner if possible. available for android phones and iphones(if possible)

You might be able to build something the size of a wall or mantlepiece clock to do all that with arduino (or maybe easier with Rasp Pi, or both). The smallest arduino is probably the mini, and that is the size of a chunky watch, and you will need batteries and bluetooth module, as well as your display or leds.

Good luck with your wristband idea.


can you give me the list of things that I need to use? I'm not familiar with all electronic components.. all I know is I need arduino pro mini & UartSB. I don't know what are the other exact components to use. please help me..

I'd suggest ducttape and an inexpensive android smartphone, will do almost all of what you listed.

an inexpensive android smartphone

probably won't have a heartbeat monitor, but I find that if I put my finger over a vein somewhere and count beats for one minute, the result is surprisingly accurate!

The wristband sounds very much like something you would find on Adafruit using NeoPixels and there are very small Arduino-compatible modules, but incorporating the Bluetooth function and then consolidating all the functions into a manageable assembly would represent a serious engineering project in itself - actually quite do-able but clearly well beyond the expertise you have indicated, which is why you are getting the funny answers. :smiley: