How to make an tiltrotator controller?


I’m working on a project where I need to control some magnetic valves that are run by volts on a tiltrotator for an excavator, and it looks like arduiono is the way to go with this project.

So a little info:

The tiltrotator normally comes with a control system made by the manufacturer, and this is a closed system, but I bought my tiltrotator used without the system, so I have some fancy magnetic valves but nothing to control them with.
Right now I only give them 12v full open and control the flow and direction of the flow with pedals in my excavator, but it would been so much nicer to control it with proportional thumb rollers.

This is the valves I need to control:

Looks like this only two pins:

Se attachment

So I need some proportional thumb sticks that I can install in my joystick and a way to take the signal from the thumb switch and convert it to volts from 0-12v and send it to the magnetic valve to let it decide the amount of oil that will flow true.

I’ve worked with computers, electronics and stuff like that but never programmed anything so here I need help to figure out what I need to control these valves.

It's a very long PDF. Which page applies to your valves?


Hi I'm sorry didn't see that it was so long, I've updated the link now with a smaller one.

That's much better but I don't reckon I know enough about how to control the valve to offer any useful advice.


It sounds like you have a couple of choices.

Swap our for proportional valves. (probably a little expensive but very rugged)

Apply a PWM signal to the valves. (easy and very Arduino do-able)

if I were going the PWM route I would be setting the valves up as a stand alone bank.
Adding some form of joystick or small lever bank and simply running to a high current capable mosfet or something very similar.

Going the electronic route would mean you could also add a pressure sensor to one or more of the controls to automatically either apply more pressure when it senses extra load OR dump the excess pressure back to tank.
Both have thier uses.

Many people have done it for RC but a few have also used Arduinos in larger scenarios

Choosing the correct components is the key.

Swap our for proportional valves. (probably a little expensive but very rugged)

Apply a PWM signal to the valves. (easy and very Arduino do-able)

I think the valves are intended for proportional operation but I get the impression that they may need some specific control input that may not be compatible with simple Arduino PWM - hence my reluctance to offer advice.


The valves are proportional so that's so problem.
They are full open at 12v.
If you see page 3 in the pdf you'll see the chart for 12v that my machine is.

On the joystick I will have a proportional thumb switch like this in CU example 4

But I don't know how I get the thumb switch to talk with the magnetic valve.

They seem to be dual voltage rated 12/24 volts which is not uncommon.

However the PWM is up to 10 volts (seen more in industrial rated items)
For that you would probably need a shifter maybe something similar to this

Arduino inputs up to 5 volts to that and the board levels up to a 10 volt pwm.

Keeping the different voltages stable is your first concern.
So you would probably want to power the Arduino via a stable 10 volts
(do not connect directly to your 12 volt battery !)

The prop valves should be fine with whatever you give them to a max of 24 volts (12 volt nominal)
If you have a spare valve or head you might want to prototype on the bench !

There are a gazillion step up/down voltage convertor modules available but try pick one that has a high current rating >= 20A as a starter.
And with some form of filtering to kill the voltage/noise spikes that automotive devices often throw out.
All that should be mounted inside a decent sealed metal box with extra room for anything else you may end up adding such as waterproof connectors etc.

There will be a decent amount of SOLDERED connections so make sure nothing can touch anything else due to vibrations and shock loading.

Thx for reply

The valve is 12v if you see my picture in the first post it says on the valve
12v 100% ED 2.72amp

I need to control 3 valves and ech valve have 2 sides so total of 6.

Valve1: Tilt
Valve 2: Rotation
Valve 3: AUX output under rotor

Valve 3 and Valve 1 will change priority by a switch so the roller on one joystick will control both but one at the time.

But as I'm new to the Arduino I need some help figuring out what I need to build what the controller so a shopping list would be highly appreciated.

And than the programming will be part 2.