How to make arduino door lock.

I don't have any ideas how to make simple arduino door lock with arduino uno. I can't find any good project with nice tutorial.
I want use:

  • 2x16 i2c lcd screen
  • buzzer
  • micro servo
  • keypad 4x4

Can somebody help me to write a code?

What have you tried?

Try to get the individual parts to work. Once you understand all the parts try to combine them in the project. See [Planning and Implementing an Arduino Program]]( Programming isn't about copy pasting pieces together but about understanding what you write :wink:

If you can't find an example of a door lock using Arduino on the internet then building one may be beyond you. A quick google search "Arduino door lock" got more than a half million hits. Some of the first few are full tutorials. They may not be exactly like what you want to build, but surely you can at least get some ideas and a place to start.