How to make Arduino recognize EasyTransfer libary issue

I was trying to download another library as per usual with some of my Arduino projects, and one of them was called easy transfer, made by Bill Porter. This allows an I2C communication between 2 Arduino boards. I have been trying to run it in my arduino software, but it won't work. Note: I keep it with the rest of my Arduino libraries in a libraries folder. I have tried leaving it as a normal file, extracting it, and it doesn't work. I also go to where it says include library, and I try to include it, but it doesn't see it as a valid library. Can someone give me some clear instructions or some kind criticism of what I am doing wrong? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Please post a link to where you downloaded the library from. Then I can provide detailed instructions for how to install it.

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From the readme...

To Install*****************

To install, unzip and place 'EasyTransfer' folder into your 'C:\Users{user name}\Documents\Arduino\libraries' folder or '{Arduino IDE path}\hardware\libraries" or {Arduino IDE path}\libraries" directory.

Restart the Arduino IDE, look for the Library under "Sketch" -> "Import Library". You can also try the examples by finding them
under "File" -> "Examples" -> "EasyTransfer".

All uses of the library are in the example sketchs.

link to the library

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