How to make authenticated HTTP POST request to API

Hello everyone,
I plan to start a little project of mine and for now I want to know what approach should I use in order to get the things done.
For example if I have an Arduino Uno board with Botletic SIM7000 LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT + GPS Shield Kit and I want to send coordinates of my current position over internet to my custom API and use that data later on.
API will have token authentication, so the Arduino must have token in order to post some data(json). So the question is how to get this token from API to Arduino in order to make authenticated HTTP request to the endpoint?
So my idea is to follow the standard logic like in real world web apps- user(Arduino) tries to login, if credentials are correct API sends back token to user in order to authenticate him with server and after authentication, user(Arduino) can POST data to server.

Have you tried this one?

[Create Auth Token]

Also, You may also find getToken function in main.js helpful.

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