how to make bulb talk to mothership?

Hi, Sorry but I am quite new to Arduino and to electronics, but very much interested to learn.

Now I need to somehow create someway for a light bulb(operating at 220V AC), to communicate back to an Arduino board by a xbee/zigbee chip.

Aim is to have two xbee chips, one on the bulb and one on Arduino so that I can programitically turn on and off the bulb wirelessly. I am not sure about what circuit to use to build the bulb + relay + xbee part :( Any help pls?

Just so that you can consider another option, there's this

I am aware of x10 solutions, but aren't x10 device open to interference? That's why I wanted to try and use the newer zigbee/xbee protocol. I would not want my automated house to unlock front door or turn on lights if my neighbor uses his microwave, cordless phone or wifi :)

Well, the main thing you're going to have to find is a relay that won't melt under 220V (and...whatever standard home current is...blanking on that figure right now) that's capable of being driven by 3.3v (xbee HIGH)

The circuitry however is pretty straight forward. Arduino->xbee1 xbee2 -> relay -> light

You know, thinking of it, I think I remember a perfect example of how to do this (well, minus the xbee portion, but that's a simple substitution) in the book Physical Computing by Dan O'Sullivan

Which of course I don't have at home.

So the xbee can generate a digital output which can be used by the relay attached locally to it?