how to make calendar by time outside bace

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Not sure exactly what your question implies. If you want to use your time base to trigger events, connect it to either external interrupts (pin 2 or 3) or use any other pin with a pin change interrupt.

Alternatively, each of the on-board timer/counters can be programmed to 'tick' from and external clock source. These ticks can then be counted and trigger an interrupt on a match or overflow.

Not sure exactly what your question implies.

I am guessing that this is what she means:

I want to make a clock.
I have something that provides one pulse every second. My plan is to connect this to an interrupt pin on an Arduino Uno; then, the Uno can count the pulses. I will use this to count time: sixty pulses make one minute, sixty minutes make one hour, and so forth. This way, I will have a working clock.
I also want this clock to have a full calendar, with days, months, and years.
Please give me guidance on how to do this.

That being the case (and you're probably correct) the input pin T1 (for timer1) is pin 5. Set timer1 up in normal mode, TCCR1A = 0B00000000; and then set to count on T1, TCCR1B = 0B00000110; to count on falling edge or 0B00000111 to count on rising edge.

Every tick can trigger an interrupt or set a compare register to 60 and update every minute.