how to make enclosure for arduino to make it product.

I have a small adduino and I’de like to pacakge it giving slots for leds /batteries which covered by glass etc.
can some body recommend materials and tools to make it professionally myself
or other means.(I don’t know CAD)
are there enclosures thats you can change easily
my project around 2" cube.

cnc router

Have you considered casting your enclosures out of a mold?

The business that I work for made a lot of their enclosures using this method.
An initial model is designed and printed on a 3D printer , according to the board size, specs etc.

And then from the printed model a mold is made from silicone (Moldmax was the one we used).

Once the mold is ready , resin can simply be poured in (You’ll have to do some research on what resin will and will not work for you) and after a few hours of curing , the newly molded enclosure can be taken out and finished off for a spray job.

Not all designs are ideal for this method, as there are certian specs you need meet (like making sure the enclosure is taper etc.)

Hope this helps a bit. :slight_smile: