How to make extended programing in firmata/funnel

Hello every one

I am a newbee. I would like to express my greatest gratitude for everyone involved in Arduino project one way or another. This open source approach did rock my foundation.

A week ago I was just a dump when it comes to interactive design. But monday I bought Arduino Duemilanove and two servo motors and now I fell like I can do anything. This kind of feeling is someting you can not get from any profit. So thanks again.

Now here comes my first question.

I am designing an Art object I have to move 25 mirrors independent form each other here is the a basic animation demo of my planned movements I successfully used all tutorials and moved two servos by arduino programing, by a joystick, and by servo ArduinoFirmataVBExtended by Andrew Craigie. Also I work my way around funnel and action script. In the end there are lots of good resources and roads to go. But it means more learning on either VB or flash. Which [ch305] dont want to involve to much.

Is there any ready software or code to use in funnel or firmata to design long movement scenarios as seen in my demo.

Any help will be well appriciated. And any help will be mentioned in exibition paper.

PS: I know there are conventional controlers with ready software to use in this project. But I am trying to live by the rule of open source. And solution from my work will be open source. So I have to use open source everything.

Best regards

this is link to my demo