How to make internal interuppt with rtc ds 1307 , lcd, motor dc

sorry for my english,,
am newbie for arduino. i want to make interuppt with rtc ds 1307,LCD,and motor dc. Lcd to show timer, i want to make a schedule to make motor moves on the time what we want.. in a day motor move twice on 6 am and 6 pm. i need to make fish feeder.thank you

I Googled "Arduino fish feeder" and got over 41,000 hits. Surely some of these will be helpful to you, like:,43959.0.html

am also googled, it's no matter for what my project aka fish feeder. i have the problem how to make timer to control my motor, example : at 6 am my motor "on" also on RTC DS 1307 show and lcd " 6 am" i how to make interuppt for it? am confused. a day my motor "on" for twice. does anyone can help me? need code for it. thanks