How to make my Arduino pushing on the button

Hi all,

My alarm system didn't support remote control (arm/disarm), I would like to know if my arduino can emulate a pressure on key fob button ?


Attach a servo to it. No need to emulate anything.

It should be a quite tricky to make the servo push exactly to te right position, no ?

It should be a quite tricky to make the servo push exactly to te right position, no ?

No. A jig would hold the remote and the servo in the correct relationship.


Give Paul a cookie, and then try to tell us exactly what it is you want the Arduino to do.

I suspect that you want the arduino to receive a signal from the keyfob transmitter, decode said signal, and tell the alarm to do something?? If so, and you want helpful answers, we need a lot more information.

What is the frequency and transmission protocol of the key fob.
what/how to tell the alarm to arm/disarm (open/close a switch, send a code, tap it on the shoulder??)

Things like that, and a lot more...

I suspect you want something like this
where you can press a button and the Arduino sees one of 4 inputs go high and acts on it.

Or this, where no Arduino is needed, the car reacts to the relays being energized.

Thanks for yours replies !

Due to security protocol (multiple frequencies + encryption), Arduino cannot control my alarm system directly or it's too complex for me !!!

My keyfob is like that :

I just want to find a way to disarm/arm my system remotely.

Security levels of my control panel are very strong, it's for that reason that I think the best way do that is to use original keyfob. Paul are right, I just want to find a way to map arduino and keyfob.

Use the relay remote to close the button contacts on Lock/Unlock/I/II remote.

Guys, I have got the solution !

Below you will find mine keyfob’s anatomy :slight_smile:

It’s quite simple, I just have to put an arduino between the printed circuit tracks, that’s it.

To contact my arduino remotely, I have two options :

-I have cctv server (ok I am little bit paranoid) I can code a small script that activate my arduino when a specific email come in.

  • Buy poe Ethernet shield and arduino compatible with it

I keep you in touch

Hi all,

I have some news but before let me resume what I want to do.

I have installed an alarm system with outdoor detector, all works great but sometimes (very rarely) I have false alarms.

Even if my system is relatively modern and sophistaced I am unable to disarm it remotely.

And for it arduino can help me !

When I have dissassembled my keyfob I have noticed that If I place my arduino between these electrics tracks

and with this script :

int AlarmPin = 13;
void setup()
pinMode(AlarmPin , OUTPUT);
void loop()
digitalWrite(AlarmPin , HIGH);
digitalWrite(AlarmPin , LOW);

I can disarm my system.

But when the arduino is powered off contact between these tracks are always on, to resolve that, I have to put a relay between arduino and keyfob.

That model could work for my project ?

next steps :
Read voltage of the led in order to get the status of my system (arm / disarm)
Create an Android application