How to Make Semi Auto Mode For Airgun

I am new at arduino and dont know how to make a semi auto mode for an airgun im making. I was thinking of when a button was pressed it would use a mosfet or relay to trigger a solenoid air valve. Whenever i wrote the code it would work but not how i wanted it to. I would need it to be when the button is pressed the valve would open for a certqin amount of time and close after that or the air in the air tank would leak out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Whenever i wrote the code

What code?

I think your high-pressure high-speed solenoid valve is going to be a much bigger problem than the electronics/programming

I was wondering if you could write a code for me to go off of. Thanks

We'd prefer to help you with your code.

But we actually DO have a forum for people who want others to write their code. Gigs and Collaborations. You describe your project. Other forum members agree to code it for you for a certain amount of money. You pay the money. They code for you.

It all works out very well.