How to make structure nested firebase in Arduino IDE use nodeMCU ESP8266

I have some problems with the code projects about how to make a nested structure like this. Can someone tell me how to make a structure firebase like this?

And this is my example code

DateTime now =;
      sprintf(waktu, "%02d:%02d", now.hour(), now.minute());
      sprintf(tanggal, "%02d-%02d-%02d", now.year(),now.month(),;

      // append a new value to /logs
      String jam_fr = Firebase.pushString("/Status Pasien/ID/jam ", waktu);
      String kondisi_fr = Firebase.pushString("/Status Pasien/ID/kondisi ", kondisi[0]);
      String tanggal_fr = Firebase.pushString("/Status Pasien/ID/tanggal ", tanggal);

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