How to make the dht22 sensor water proof for outdoor use


I want to install some dht22 sensors in the field to measure the temperature and humidity of the grass.
The problem is dht22 sensor is not water proof. How can i make it water proof, so that my measuring parameter should not have any influence.

Please need a robust method to make dht22 sensor water proof. I have read the various threads on this forum but could not find a solid one.

Thank you.

If you make the sensor waterproof how will it measure humidity?

I think that you need to be able shade it from direct rainfall, but still allow airflow past the sensor.

Something like a Stevenson screen would do the job.

Water resistant is likely a better choice of words. You want a water resistant enclosure which allows good airflow. Using the above mentioned Stevenson Screen should give you some ideas as how to fabricate your own. Just remember since you want temperature a hot box in the sun is not a good idea. Airflow be it natural or forced.