How to make this work using arduino and matlab

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie and never made any project on arduino . I have only made a path finder using 8051 microcontroller . I a m pursuing btech electronics and communication engineering. And its my final year and i have to make a project which i chose as color detection robot. I want to make it using arduino, matlab and a camera module.
I have this video link of a similar project which i want to make but needs guidance on its implementation on hardware. Here is the link

Kindly have a look and please guide me how to start
I am learning matlab basics and have installed matlab version 8.2 R2013b on my laptop.

I dont know if I have posted under correct category. Pls moderators move it if necessary . Guys pls answer.

I think you have a good hint in the text "This bot is based on Image processing. we are using matlab for image processing and using serial communication for transfering data from matlab to atmega16 microcontroller, and movement of wheels are controlled by Atmega16."

To proceed make 1) a requirements specification (what should it do)?, 2) a block diagram with functionality, 3) a deployment diagram (where should the functionality run/execute). When you have done this it is much easier to ask for help.