How to manage BYTE type.

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I want to send analogReads from an Arduino to another using wireless communication. Basically I'm using Nordic nRF24L01+ chips and the Mirf library let me send data via [u]byte array[/u] with this synthax:

byte data[2]
data[0] = B1000001;
data[1] = B1111111;

and in the receiver I can read data with:

byte data[2]

but in this way I can't send values more than 2^8 bit per cell. So I wanna ask you how to send integer values with byte array beacuse I'm not very familiar with this variable type. I would also send always an array with 2 o n cell because I want to store and send different analogReads in different cells, something like: data[0] = analogRead(0); data[1] = analogRead(1); ..... .....

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Have a look at the language reference for "highByte" and "lowByte"


You mean something like:


byte data[2]
int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
word wordValue = word(sensorValue);
byte data[0] = highByte(wordValue);
byte data[1] = lowByte(wordValue);


word temp = word(data[0],data[1]);
int sensorValue = temp;


Not quite. You should not be converting from int to word.

Int is a 2 byte signed value, ranging from -32768 to 32767. Word is a 2 byte unsigned value ranging from 0 to 65535.

Really, there's no point in converting from int to word. You can just transmit the int using the same method you are transferring the word with.

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