How to manage development of security alarm system

So my goal for next few months is to build a HW+SW alarm system for my motorbikes security.

Generally my system will consist of basic things like gyro, to register any unwanted movement, arduino MCU, loudspeaker , GPS and GSM module and RF receiver. About HW side I guess everything is straight forward. But my question mainly is about SW side of things.

As I see now, MCU should wake up GSM module every 10 or so minutes and send SMS or Email , that everything is OK + GPS coordinates. To avoid possibility that GSM signal jammer is in use.

So my vision is that some sort of web based application should check every 10mins or so for emails from GSM module and if it didn’t get it , it will send email to me.

Okey after this short introduction :smiley: here is my main question:

What kind of tools I should consider to learn for a SW side of things - so that I can finish my project and possibly use my new knowledges in similar things in future?

  • raspberry pie/ linux ?
  • android?
  • Java?
  • Phyton?
  • or anything else?

I am learning electrical engineering, so I need best bang for buck, there buck is my free time.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Well what you describe and want to achieve might be a little big for a motorcycle...

First of all: All the stuff you want to do needs a powersupply. If you want it to run continously it will suck your battery empty quick.

You have to have an internet connection for the e-mails. Therefore you need either wifi or you do it through telecommunication sats.

Next up: starting up the GSM finding GPS and sending might take 10 min...

If you want a save module that can do all that and is save as well, I would recomment on buying something already finished...

A simple alarm with an gyro and sound plus maybe GPS would do the job aswell. If someone tries to crack you bike an alarm goes off if that doesn't scare him, you can track him via GPS.

You can realise that with an arduino very easy and cheap.

Best regards