How to manual reset an Ethernet Shield

Hi all,

I'm currently using an Ethernet Shield as an Internet access watchdog. Like many of you, I encounter a very annoying problem with this shield. In order to make it work well, I have to reset it after connecting arduino to a power source.

Is there a way to connect an output pin of arduino to reset pin of Ethernet shield to reset it without resetting entire Arduino board?

Thank you for your help

If you have an Adafruit shield, it's easy: it actually requires a jumper, so you can just wire it to a different pin on the Arduino. And ladyada includes pads for all the signals.

I don't know about the other brands of Ethernet shields from first-hand experience, but, in the worst case, you can cut the trace from the Wiznet's reset pin, and solder a wire leading to the digital pin you want to use for reset.


I'm using official ethernet shield. There's a reset switch on shield and a reset header that come from arduino board (like other headers).

As reset button present on shield resets both shield and board, I was thinking about cutting pin that come from ethernet shield in order to be sure that only this shield is reset.
Is applying a high level to reset pin will do the job?