how to manually build and upload project?

I want use for development NetBeans or other IDE. For this i want understand how build and upload standard arduino editor.

He use makefile for this? Where i find this file?

I tried setup NetBeans with Arduino plugin, but it's don't working =(

I want use for development … other IDE,160456.0.html,141050.0.html,125225.0.html,49956.0.html,79595.0.html,128023.0.html

You can find more in this section…,23.0.html

You can use the makefiles I've developed for Xcode. The embedXcode template buils, limks and uploads sketches. I tested them on NetBeans running on OS X successfully.

Learn more at (release 52of the makefiles) and (release 15 of the makefiles).