How to measure height with IMU

Hi guys,

I making a glove to manipulate a helicopter. So i have IMU which pretty simple handles yaw,pitch, roll, but with throttle i have a problem. Cause throttle i want to make based on height of the hand. I tried to measure speed and path based on Z-acceleration, but due to acceleration and deceleration, it very hard to do.

maybe some of you have examples or some info about how this can be done? Thanks

pressure senor. accurate to 2 feet

I think you need something more precise than an atmospheric pressure sensor.

You could either add some sort of trigger or measure the distance between your hand and either your body or the ground.

An ultrasonic range sensor would be one possible option.

As a side note, I once used a Wii Nunchuck to fly a RC helicopter. I used the accelerometer for the throttle and yaw control. This isn't the same as just moving your hand to control the helicopter but it's a good one-handed control option.