How to measure the distance and yaw between sensor 1 and sensor 2?

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I would like to measure the distance and yaw using Arduino board between two sensors indoor (sensor1 and sensor2). One of them is fix and other sensor is moving. The distance is > 30 meter. Is there any project close to this issue? Please help me.....

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any suggestion guys??

please guys if you have some information let me know?

Are both sensors in an area where they might connect to the same network using an ESP8266 module?

If you are outdoors, use GPS modules. Distance and direction calculations are described here.

Dear bos1714, jremington Thanks for you reply.

Yes , both of them connected to the same network and they are indoor area.


For indoors, there is Pozyx.

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Its very expensive model . Is there any other model.?


It's the only option I know of that appears to actually work. Feel free to come with your own suggestions on how to do this kind of measurements.

Accurate indoor positioning is very difficult, and usable solutions are expensive.

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Yeah, it looks very expensive. Is there any example between two sensors for outdoor? I know GPS model is used for this issue. Any example code for that?



For GPS I'm sure a quick Google search will give you all the code you need. You can keep it simple for just 30m distance, no need to add the Havesine formula here.

Be aware that the typical error of GPS is 2-5 meters depending on the environment. That's a lot of error for a 30 meter total distance.

Any example code for that?

Link in reply #4