How to measure the distance between two mobil plates. VCNL4000


I need to measure the distance between two mobil plates inside a closed box (with no external light). The distance range between the two plates should be about 0 and 15 cm, so I need a precision of 1 mm. After searching, I found one sensor that I think that fits to my project. This is VCNL4000.

First of all, I just wanted to know if this sensor would work and if it would be the best for my project. Secondly I want to know which would be the most appropiate type of arduino for this project. Notice that the smaller, the better.

Thank you very much

Sparkfun has selected this sensor, so I assume it is a good choice.

The sensor runs at 3.3V, but the I2C is 5V tolerant.

A small Arduino board is the Arduino Nano.
The Arduino Pro Mini is a lot smaller, but it doesn't have a usb connector, so you need an extra usb-serial converter board to upload a sketch.

Thank you very much Erdin!!!! :wink: