how to measuse the frequency of a tone using arduno uno

I am using a analog-output sound sensor module where the output of the sensor module is connected to the arduino and can see arduino is doing Ato D conversion and displaying integers from range 0 to 1023.

But I need to calculate the frequency of the sound getting measure from the sensor.

so could you help me, hwo to calculate the frequecy from this Ato D converted values from arduino.

What's a "sound sensor"? Datasheet?

If you have sound of a single frequency (sine, rectangle...), you can find zero crossings (here: mid range, 512) of the signal, and take the time between two such transitions to calculate the signal frequency.

With multiple frequencies forming the sound, it depends on what you consider "the" frequency.

Isn't a sound sensor simply a microphone?

"Sound" is made up of lots of different frequencies. Are you trying to measure the frequency of a sound that's transmitted from something in particular, like a transducer or sonar generator?

Some context would help us