how to modify avrdude.conf

I have a version of avrdude.conf to go with arduino 1.0.1 on my pc. I use this version to upload arduinoISP and burn the boot loader onto a blank atmega328p.

I now install the iOS version of arduino 1.0.1 on my iMac, but using the same avrdude.conf I get this error when I try to upload:

/Users/Documents/Arduino/ programmer type not specified

I do not get this error with the original version. You will ask why did I change it. I need to do this because this version allows me to burn the boot loader, but that will be another question. Suffice it to say, this version does not let me upload the sketch. I’m including the file as an attachment for those who want to look at it. I’m using the duemilanove, but I get the error for all boards I try to set under tools.

avrdude.conf (542 KB)