How to modify data in library?

Hi everyone.. Having question on how to modify data in library in e-health.. Which file requires the modification.. Im using 4 sensors attach to e-health which there have some data in certain sensor that not accurate.. Eg: body temperature sensor.. When i was in a cold room, the temperature was about 30 degree something which means its not in a cold situation.. So how to modify the data that match with the weather in my place (Malaysia).. TQ

If you want/need to modify the library you need to look for the .h and .cpp files associated with the library and edit them, probably only the .cpp file. However, why not adjust the value returned from the library to calibrate it to the local conditions ?

Ouh u think I just need to change the value.. how to do that? which file need to concerned? Please explain in details.. I've open the .h & .cpp but I dont undertstand where to change the value.. the code will be damage if i wrongly change the file.. I'm using body temperature sensor, ecg sensor, airflow sensor and galvanic skin response.. there have some issues due to its value that do not match with features in my place.. For eg: body temperature sensor.. the value is high even in a cold room.. supposely the value in a cold room is lower.. so this is the issue about the value.. TQ

Does the temperature reading ever change? Maybe the sensor is broken or the interface is wrong.

Does the room-temperature influence the body-temperature significantly?

Higher body temperature means fever (in resting state), doesn't it?

I had no fever when I stayed in Malaysia...

A body-temperature of 30° C needs medical treatment AFAIK.

Changing the values to even more abstruse values will at least fit the expectations.

aarg: Does the temperature reading ever change? Maybe the sensor is broken or the interface is wrong.

Do you mean that I dont have to change the value given in the library? so how about the temperature does not match with the condition at that time? I mean, when I in a cold room the temperature was high.. the temperature is supposedly in a low celcius (below 30).. currently when I in a cold room, the temperature is around 40 celcius.. Please help me with the temperature.. TQ

The commonly accepted average core body temperature (taken internally) is 37.0°C (98.6°F).
In healthy adults, body temperature fluctuates about 0.5°C (0.9°F) throughout the day, with lower
temperatures in the morning and higher temperatures in the late afternoon and evening, as the body's
needs and activities change.