how to modify Password

I’m new in Arduino. I have an Arduino UNO, and i’ve developed a KeyLock program to trigger an alarm. All is working properly, but i’d like to know how i could change the password from a keypad. I’m using password library, and i have the Password defined at the beginning of the program like Password password = Password (“1234”). But once program is running i’d like to be able to change it from the keypad, maybe with password.set function or something else, but i don’t know how to use it. Is there somebody that can help me??? Thank you very much!!

The EEPROM feature of the ATmega processor is just right for storing values when the power goes off. See the EEPROM library:

thank you very much johnwasser. I'm going to see it in the link and i hope solve it! I'll tell you if I achieve it.