How to monitor a baby with Arduino & sensors

Hi dear lads and gals,

I’m working on my Electrical Engineering bachelors thesis and it evolved into something pretty exciting. I’m trying to build a baby monitoring package that would involve 4 major things;

-Temperature changes
-Positions in a/the crib (in or out)
-and all these should be controlled through a mobile app.

I have a couple of challenges. First of all there can’t be wires all around the place to detect these changes and I’m quite not sure about what the package should consist of. I’ve experimented on a waterproof ds18b20 temperature sensor (got the temperature saved on a web server) and a flex sensor (thought of planting it under the crib) so far. For the breathings I thought of using a microphone but didn’t really get my hands around that.

What better sensor there are that would simplify (also minimize the package size) the process? Is Arduino the best way to go?
Any ideas/directions are welcome,

This is really interesting. I have seen a couple of baby monitoring applications. I'm sure you have researched this already, but for ex:

How do you plan to connect? I know a few different cellular options... Ublox offers products that have sensor capabilities. I'm in the IoT space focused on cellular. If you're looking for cellular options, I can help point you in the right direction! We do have a service that can get you going pretty quick (it's called Neo). Our community forum might also have some ideas:

Sounds like a cool idea! Good luck!!

Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement ElleWoodloT! I appreciate it!

You are right, and offers the closest solutions yet their prices start from $200.

The solution would probably be based on a low energy bluetooth or wifi or maybe both depending on the stability of the results. I'm still trying to figure this out as you can see :)