How to monitor data using RS485

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to understand how to do this, but I think I don't get the concepts right.
The thing is I have a LOAD CELL and a monitoring device (DATA+ and DATA-). I want to be able to store the data from the monitoring device in the computer.

What is the best way to connect both units? I've seen lots of information online but I really don't how to start with it.
I've read about Modbus Master and Slave, shields, and I also have a RS485 to TTL converter.

RS to TTl: uxcell 5V MAX485/RS485 Module TTL to RS-485 MCU Development Board : Electronics
Monitor SWIFT RAIL :

I have an Arduino Mega 2560.

Some guidance would be really appreciated

PS: I've read the value of the RS485 in the computer before using Docklight software.

Looks like you have found all of the necessary pieces. Hook them up and go. Let us know what isn't working when you get there.