How to mount a PoE module on the Arduino Yun?


The Arduino Yun can be used with a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) module for power supply. In the past there have been some problems with wrong 12V modules, but now there are available correct 5V PoE modules (Ag9050-S). (The product description in the Arduino Shop still is incorrect at this moment.) In the past there also have been problems with the space on the Yun.

Do someone already use the “new/correct” 5V PoE modules on the Yun? I am a beginner and I would like to ask you:

  1. How do I have to mount/attach/build in/plug in the PoE module on the Yun? Do I have to solder or cut something? Do I need some tools? Or do I only have to plug in the module on the board without any tools and skills?

  2. Is there enough space on the Yun board for the PoE module? Or do I have to cut/remove/deform something?

  3. Does someone know if somewhere is a Yun board available with pre-mounted/onboard PoE module?


Check out the schematic to see how you'd hook up POE

I could find one distributor (Semaf Electronics) who has the Arduino Yun with onboard/soldered PoE module "Coilcraft POE13P-50L" (5V/13W).

Does anyone have experiences with this onboard PoE bundle or know other products with onboard PoE?