How to move a design past prototyping?

I have a controller that I made to turn my crock pot into a sous vide cooker. It works great and it is now soldered up to a protoboard. I have a few friends that came over for dinner and are interested in one as well.

I don't want to hand solder up a bunch of these, so I was thinking of getting 10 or so boards and a black box to stuff it in, but I've never progressed a project on that far. Here is the summary of my project

I looked a bit at sparkfun's board service, but I've never laid a board out and I'm thinking I would rather have a single PCB that I can verify works before I order 10 more. Any advice on cheaper places that will do a single pcb in a relatively quick(1-2 weeks) turn around?

Have you looked at BatchPCB? Two weeks would be pressing it for them but they are reasonably priced.

Yeah, that is the one that I looked at through sparkfun. I may just go that route, but was looking for some other options. It's definitely the cheapest, but I was hoping for a slightly lower lead time

If you can squeeze your design in a 5cmx5cm board, then IteadStudio will make you 10 boards for 12$, add the E-test to all of then for more 5-6$ and you have 10 functional pcb's for less than 20$ and in less than 2 weeks.

That sounds attractive, but that's much too small My initial layout is 1"x3" I think I can probably squeeze it down to 1"x2.5, but I don't think I can get much more out of it until I figure out how to place parts on each side of the board. Or if I decide to go with a different package for my micro. I think if I went with surface mount stuff I could get it down to 1"x1.5", but soldering isn't my forte. I was hoping to keep the micro in a socket so I can reprogram it if need be. Or I could put in an ICSP header...

fiveohhh: I don't think I can get much more out of it until I figure out how to place parts on each side of the board.

If you are using Eagle use the mirror tool to flip components to the bottom layer. I think the middle mouse button works as well.

With regards to soldering SMD, I've been using solder paste with a syringe and a frying pan on a gas hob. It seems to be working OK so far.

@ a.d Thanks that works pretty slick. I'm going to try and lay the board out a different way and I may move to the atmega in TQFP. Minus the relay and the lcd footprints I could really shrink down the board.

For cheap PC boards have a look at

Their rates are $5 per square inch on double sided boards. You get three identical boards for that price. Shipping is included.

I'm about to send a set of eagles to them myself.

If you can keep it single-sided, you can make the PCB yourself.

or 100 other Internet tutorials.

That way you can make 3 or 4 iterations before sending of the final files for production.