How to move DC motors

I would like to make a regular DC motor spin with out h- bridges or speed control or anything. I am new and don't see why you need those things when a battery and motor work. But could I do it with High Low thing with the analog ports? Thanks.

You certainly can work a DC motor with just a battery.

By 'doing it with the High Low thing' I suppose you mean control the motor from on to off and on again, which you can. Be sure to isolate the motor supply from your Arduino with a suitable transistor or relay.

What? sorry I'm new and I have no clue what that means.

Best get reading. Read as many tutorials as you possibly find helpful. This is a great website to start.

For controlling high-current devices (and motors in one direction):

For motors in two directions you will need an h-bridge or relay-transistor circuit:

Just read this today if you dont want an hbridge: