How to Move Servo with Facebook Notifications

I have an Arduino Uno and an Ethernet Shield. I would like to connect them to Facebook so that a servo motor moves every time I get a notification.

I've read several tutorials that connect Arduino to Facebook and it seems as though I have to use PHP code as well and make a Facebook app.

Is there an easier way to do this?

These are some of the tutorials I have been working from:

Thank you!

What he describes there is how i’d do it (at least from a big picture perspective, glancing at the code - I didn’t watch the video) - PHP page that interacts with the API and strips it down to just what the Arduino needs to know, since the API call probably returns too much data to work with using only 2k of ram.

You need the php page in the middle because iirc, facebook requires you to use https to talk to their API - but the arduino doesn’t support https requests because you can’t fit an SSL implementation onto the Arduino.

Perhaps you could use ruby to interact with the api?