How to obtain multiple output voltages from Arduino

How can obtain more then output voltage so that I can power an accelerometer and 3 vibration motors?

For example the 3.3V pin, how can make it so that I can have one more 3.3V pin? Do i need make a voltage doubler and use a divider?

i just thought it about no more problem

You're scaring me. Are you familiar with the term
"Design Criteria " ? It is used to describe the specifications for your project, something you neglected to include in your post.
What you need to do is make a list of all of the devices you wish to power , and what voltage each device requires and then download the datasheets for those devices (or read them online) and look up the power requirements X Voltage @ Y Amps (or Watts). Post all the datasheets or links to them, and then Google "3.3V regulator OKI" and look for a 3.3V regulator that provide
enough current, something you should have done before coming here and asking about voltage doublers....
FYI, next time you post, do your homework first (it's called "Due Diligence ") . That means look up the specs so you can state what your total power requirement is, something you still need to do before we can help you. There is no possible way we could know what that magic number is without knowing exactly which devices you are using. We don't have a crystal ball.
What is your total power requirement (in Watts) @ 3.3V ?