How to obtain values from my 6DOF?

Hello Guys, I am new to this but already have much stuff. I am having a 6DOF IMU - But unfortunately, I am confused in how to actually get values from the sensors - Gyro & acceleration sensor. After reading this guide (ONLY page1 :D) - I found that I cannot follow it since it is using a very differnt sensor the Razor 6DOF from sparkfun..different in the sense of the no. of pins it got.. so many.. my got mainly 4- SCL,SDA,+3.3v and Gnd pins. How will I get the data and will get it in which units.. please I want to learn from basics and the physics involved.. Basically, I am planning to build a autopilot system...but I will go from the basics evenif it takes me 1 year or more. :)

Thankyou, RahulVyas

Have you tried I2C, this is the way it is designed to communicate with other stuff. Look up I2C on this site and see if you can follow the examples and try it on your sensors.

You may still have problems as it may be your first attempt at I2C so post back here what your problems are and the sketch that you wrote and then people can give you specific help.

Probably a helpful read: