How to output 2v from ESP8266?

Hi, I am totally new to arduino. I would like to know if I can use my ESP8266 WeMos Wifi card to output 2v (or maybe 2.4v). I only want to use it as a power supply in the first place, giving it 5v with the USB plug (or 5v via the DC power cable), and having 2v current to power a small DC motor on output. Is that possible please?? Thanks a lot in advance!

2V does not mean anything if you don't know what current will be needed ...

But to answer the question, a micro-controller is NOT a power supply... so No.

driving a motor requires some protection as well for the power source, you would not want Huge voltage spikes going into your USB port, would you?

I would recommend you follow a few tutorials on basic electronics and especially power supplies. You can purchase many different ones that will do what you want. You could also make one. If your current is low and you an remove the on board regulator and replace it with one that outputs the voltage you want you would be good to go but I doubt the ESP8266 will ever work again. If you are going to do more projects consider purchasing a low cost lab power supply, they are adjustable as to current and voltage. In our world a power supply an arduino is NOT!

Easy enough to do with the circuit shown in link BUT you will need a power FET or transistor to take the voltage from the RC and drive something with a motor at a usable current.

Consider using a dedicated motor driver:

ok thanks, i have measured the current without load it is 0.27 A and with load it is 0.35A. It is a DC motor that powers wheels that rotate a stone tumble polisher... With load means with the tumble with water and stones on it...

Have you tried just putting a couple AA batteries and a switch ? Your motor will likely be fine at a close by voltage

Why do you need USB ?

yes i have, it works... but only a few hours at the most. the idea is a permanent power supply. Presently it is working on batteries :wink:

Get a 5V or 3.3V power supply

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