How to pair 2 bluetooth devices


i recently bought x2 Bluesmirf mate gold devices and i just want to send data from my Lilypad to my Uno. My problem is that i can't really find any code or a way to pair them. I have used almost all the keywords (google) i could think.

For ex. i want to send my Flex Sensor's data from the lilypad to the uno using these 2 bluetooth modules.



Yeah but that's pairing using code. And if you unplug one of the bluetooths they won't reconnect again. Anyway, i found out what i had to do. Just ran a serial port and "played" with the command settings of the Bluesmirfs. Don't even need to code anything.

I don't know why there's no source of how to pair 2 bluesmirfs. A lot of people are looking for it. Maybe i should write a guide 8)

Problem Solved.