how to pair bluetooth usb without usb shield?

hi, i have bought a kit worth me alot of money, so i can't afford a usb shield to use my bluetooth usb with it, can i cut the bluetooth head and use it as bluetooth module? or use the arduino female usb to pair the bluetooth? anyway my goal is pair my usb bluetooth without usb shield anyhow, thanks for answering

btw i have arduino uno

You can't use USB bluetooth adapter for a computer to give bluetooth connectivity to your arduino uno. The USB bluetooth adapter only works when connected to a USB host (like a computer); the Arduino Uno is not a USB Host (it can be made such with a USB Host shield/module, but those are more expensive than a bluetooth shield or module, and there would be large programming challenges involved). To get bluetooth connectivity on your Uno, you're going to need to buy a bluetooth shield/module - the modules themselves are usually cheaper than shields; HC-05 bluetooth modules are pretty cheap on ebay...

thanks, in my city i can't get a bluetooth module easily and ebay is not available in my country ;'( seems i have to find another way since usb bluetooth doesn't works with arduino