How to Play Pre Recorded audio to GSM module on going call [Urgent]

Hello, I wanted to add/ upload an audio file to my arduino uno and gsm module sim800a so that whenever my module makes a call to someone and the other person picks the call then he or she should listen to that audio.

Please tell me any way through which I can achieve it.

What makes you think this question is [Urgent] to anyone reading it?

What makes you think this question is [Urgent] to anyone reading it?

My shop was tried to be looted last night and that's why I am hurrying up create a motion sensor security system for my shop and that makes is urgent my friend.

If you don't feel it suitable right there tell me I will remove it, mate.

an UNO does not have much memory nor is it fast to play audio at good quality so it will be hard to have a voice message being played out

The GSM module you use does have an onboard headphone socket, so if you pick a module with MP3 and SD card support and build a jack output cable (or buy a module with a line out jack) and then you would need to trigger the call, wait for the pickup, launch the message as an MP3, wait for the duration of playing the file and then hang up.

==> seems a lot of work - Why do you want this to be a call? why don't you just send an SMS?

(Also you should add a very loud siren and flashing red lights - that's usually effective for wannabe burglars)

Stickers on the door/window, fake camera with blinking red LEDs will also be deterrent

Now if that were my shop, I would buy proper equipment, working on battery if power is cut etc... You can find some on eBay (whatever they are worth) for $50 probably with multiple sensors, code management etc.. (look for 'Wireless Lcd Gsm Autodial Sms Home House Office Security Burglar Intruder Alarm' or something like that)