how to power 9-12V LEDs with arduino

Is it possible to power these LEDs with 9V using the arduino and some kind of modified output?

They will run dimmer at 9V.

You can get a 'Boost Converter' to get your 9V up to 12V

60LEDs X 20mA = 1.2 amps

Nice, thank you! I'm assuming I would I need one of these for each LED?

You need just one.

One converter is able to supply up to 4 amps.

You need to feed your 9v power supply (rated at least 2 amps), into the converter.

The converter is adjusted for 12v out.

All the Anodes of the LEDs are connected to the converter + output.

The Arduino then sends output signals to individual transistors that are connected to a LED cathode.

i.e. for 60 LEDs you need 60 transistors.


A ULN2803 can drive 8 LEDs so you need 8 I.C.s


You need 8 x TPIC6B595 serial to parallel shift registers.

You do know these ‘are not’ in a string, i.e. they are all separated from each other.