How to power a breadboard and a TFT / Touch screen shield at the same time?

Apologies if this is too basic, but I am a total newbie. I did search the forum first, but did not find an answer. But it could be because I don't know the correct search terms.

Anyway, I have a project idea that I am trying to prototype and I have gotten two separate parts of it working independently but I cannot seem to figure out how to combine them now. The issue that I have is that I have a TFT / Touch screen and shield that I got from This plugs into the Arduino (Mega 2560 in my case) and fills up the power and ground pins but does not have any headers on it that I can plug the breadboard into. How can I power the breadboard AND the TFT at the same time? Is there some trick that I am missing?

The shield does not fill any of the inputs or outputs that I need for the breadboard part of the project. So I figured out how I can put the wires in those spots and just bend the wire over so the shield can fit on top. But I don't know how to power the bread board because those pins are taken / filled by the shield. Surely there has got to be a way to do this, right?