How to power I2C From breadboard

I got these I2C modules for my lcd from amazon:

And I was wondering if there is a pin I could power it from my breadboard to clean up the wire mess
(not much of a mess but it would still be nice)

Really a difficult question as I cannot see your breadboard.

Sorry I wasn't specific. I was trying to say the i2c has the 16 pins that plug into the breadboards and I was wondering if I could power it from one of those

Images, product type, model number, spec sheet, and library links?

And I'd say that connection on your breadboard needs pushing in. You see the one I am talking about, right?

I2C requires 2 signal wires, GND and (optional) Vcc. Are you sure that you mean I2C? Or do you mean a shield or a display with multiple interfaces?

My I2C isn't soldered into my lcd so I'm talking about those connection pins to my lcd

I was wondering if I could plug in one of those lcd pins like the vss and vdd to power my i2c

Images? Spec sheets? model numbers?


I'm talking about those two pins colored in blue. I was wondering if it's okay to power them from those


ok.... that was anticlimactic

@Idahowalker Is there any way I can use some of those 16 pins on the bottom to replace the sda and scl too? I'm trying to make all my cables flat

Soldering. Add a piece the the end of the circuit board, attach header pins to it, and run lines from the new pins to the SCL and SCK inputs.

Ok Thanks!

It officially works!

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